Sosua, The Dominican Republic – Strip Club

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This was video was taken at a strip club in Sosua, Dominican Republic, called “Caribbean Men Paradise”.

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Lila moktan says:

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cash money says:

el mmgb aqui eres tu si te duele leer la verdad

IQeinstein says:

pss a ella no le importas si eres lindo o no se ve claramente cuando dice “pagas ahi” y vamos al room osea es por el dinero no por lindo qie seas.

IQeinstein says:

mi hijo es esta en todos los paises del mundo mmg renuncia a la naciolidad si te da pene tu pais.

Clayton Elliott says:

Everybody want talk shit. what does Haiti have to do with this. I can guarantee you that Haiti’s std rate per capita is less than the United States. If governments weren’t injecting and poisoning people with that shit then it wouldn’t exist. For the thousands of years we have lived on this planet and HIV/ aids was first encountered in the 80′s. sounds fishy to me.

Jay Belliard says:

Those Hoes Only Believe In God When They Catch HIV

514hustle514 says:

Hahahahhaja giftedsincebirth25 u got that right

giftedsincebirth25 says:

He said I’m a christian…lol WTF are you doing alone in a strip club in a country where prostitution is legal. I would have said, I’m a christian, can you baptise my dick with that pretty mouth of yours.

giftedsincebirth25 says:

He could at least ask for a hand job or something. Their is no crime or immorality with that. he is just being a tight ass.

Antonio Johnson says:

there’s always that one person who wants to always put other people down simply because they want to get a prostitute! what business is it of yours?are you a fuckin health inspector or something?you the CDC? if not, why the fuck come to this page and inform him about the STD rate?it’s no different than fuckin a bitch in America!American women sleep around a lot more and accumulate more sex partners than anybody else and yet the STD rate is the same!u can cut those chances in half using a condom!

Joy Garcia says:

a mi no me da ni pena ni nada , no hay dinero pues mamaguebo!

Brian Roberts says:

You are scarey

MoJoRisen2012 says:

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Chi Town says:

That express on her face was priceless he he said Jesús. LMFAO!

Mulano Da Travel Boy says:

Look up,”Mulano in DR” for more hot videos of exotic chicks from foreign countries!

Mulano Da Travel Boy says:


NinjaWarriorDude says:

Hmmm .. No pienso en ello como una vergüenza. Soy un chico lindo y no importa qué país seguirá recibiendo la vagina de la hembra practiccally. En mi país de Canadá que a veces suelen tener que pagar por su comida y o una película. En la República Dominicana, estas chicas son más adelantado y directo. Yo respeto eso.

cash money says:

que pena me da mi pais

agenthelios1 says:

Im not comparing America to DR. You might have free state health, but most people go to the private clinics because they get better medical.
HIV rates are actually higher ONLY because the Haitians that are illegally in DR. Most Dominicans understand that and dont like Haitians anyway. All Im saying is a piece of street pussy isnt worth risking your health/life over.

NinjaWarriorDude says:

Like bro.. you think you are the only one who took Sex-Ed classes in school? To my knowledge their is free state health care coverage in the Dominican, I can’t say that for your American country, so I bet people get tested and treated more often in the D.R.I also bet HIV/AIDS rates in the DR are lower per capita than some major American cities like Atlanta, Baltimore and Washington D.C.

agenthelios1 says:

They may be everywhere, but because of DR’s close proximity to Haiti they are more prevalent.

Also a condom wont protect against all stds. Like I said, if you dont believe me there is no talking sense to you.

NinjaWarriorDude says:

STD’s are every where bro, thats why people have to wrap it up. I wont even let a chick give me brains without a jimmy on.

agenthelios1 says:

Thats shit is nasty. You can go and fuck who you want but in Dominican Republic (especially bars like this) the girls probably have TB or HIV. If they dont have that I am sure they have some sort of STD.

NOt worth the risk of fucking around, but if you are gonna be dumb then nobody can talk sense to you.

Cattom Rud says:

She’s a cutie for sure.

Mulano Da Travel Boy says:


Mulano Da Travel Boy says:

Look up,”Mulano in DR 2″ and you’ll get more tips on DR,also videos of me in the streets of DR!

tumalditamadresita says:

manniii Y ete bulto dike Cristiano

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